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  • The Digits Partner with PBS

    Thursday, May 9th, 2013By adminNews0 comment


    We here at The Digits are proud to be part of the next generation of public broadcasting as the newest addition to the online media library PBS LearningMedia. Part of the PBS network, LearningMedia hosts thousands of videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more!

    PBS is a long-trusted brand for educational content and has been part of a historic family of shows for kids and adults alike. “The Digits explains math concepts in a fun and engaging way for young learners and we’re excited to offer this new content in PBS LearningMedia,” said Tami Mount, Senior Content Director, PBS LearningMedia.  “It is important that we provide teacher-tested materials and access to high-quality digital media for the classrooms to fuel children’s learning and interest in math and provide a transformative educational experience.”

    Our partnership with PBS is just one more step The Digits is taking to be part of child’s every day learning experience. PBS LearningMedia is free for educators and Digits videos can be incorporated into games, lesson plans, and more to create a more engaging, narrative-focused way of learning. We are thrilled to be part of such a prestigious network as The Digits continue on their quest to use music and math to make kids smarter!

    For more information on how you can bring The Digits into your classroom, visit: pbslearningmedia.org

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  • The Digits Partner with Skype

    Monday, March 11th, 2013By adminNews0 comment

    We’re so pleased to announce our new partnership with Skype. Now teachers can get a special, live, one-on-one conversation with the Galaxy’s Greatest Unknown Rock Band. Head over to the Skype In The Classroom site for all the details, and a cool new educational printable to make your own Clocktopus!

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  • This Week’s Very Special Digits

    Sunday, January 6th, 2013By adminNews0 comment

    This week’s video is not our usual fun and games.  We don’t discuss a math lesson, and there’s no music video.  Instead we wanted to give something for parents and kids who are having trouble discussing their feelings about recent tragic events.  We wrote and produced it after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary, and after a local act of violence here in Portland Oregon, where the Digits is filmed.  We waited to release it until after some time had passed, but thought it might be of value to children who may have apprehension about going back to school this week.
    One of the most important things for children in times of intense tragedy, is to be able to talk about their feelings.  This can be incredibly difficult for children who may not want to discuss feeling afraid, or uncertain.  It can be difficult for parents to start these conversations.  Many older kids may feel they have to be strong for their younger siblings and friends.

    This video is not meant to “fix” anything.  It’s designed to be an entry way to a conversation; something that parents can show their children in order to open up those conversations.  It’s something that kids can show their parents to maybe help explain how they’re feeling.

    I hope that you and your loved one’s can start the healing process soon.  In the face of tragedy, it’s important to be open and honest with your young people, and to listen to their fears and concerns.  No one knows your young person like you do, and it’s important that they know that it’s okay to be afraid.  For you grown-ups out there, it’s also okay to be afraid.  There are many uncertain things in the world and the most we can do is to take care of each other.

    Just remember, even though you’re a grown-up, you still might need someone to talk to.  There’s nothing wrong with being afraid.   And there’s nothing wrong with in asking for help.   As Ray Ray says in the video “I love you all, and if you ever need anyone to talk to, you can ask your ol’ pal Ray Ray.”

    For those of you looking for some more resources here are some wonderful links to other writers, teachers and counselors.


    PBS: How to Talk to Your Kids about Tragedy

    Sesame Workshop:  Helping Families in an Emergency

    Edutopia:  Great list of links to other articles

    Violence in the media and children:


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  • Word is Spreading

    Tuesday, December 11th, 2012By adminNews0 comment

    I’m always very grateful for any press we get at the Digits, so it’s been kind of a super thrilling week.


    Oregon Public Broadcasting did a great little video and article about the project.  Hear from the actors, and see some exclusive behind the scenes footage here.

    Secondly, I was super jazzed to be on Samuel Hansen’s Strongly Connected Components podcast.  Samuel’s shows are fantastic (and you should kick in to his kickstarter so he can make more).



    Finally, the Inimitable Liz Shannon Miller wrote us up real nice for GigaOm.



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  • Free Gift from The Digits

    Sunday, December 2nd, 2012By adminNews0 comment

    With the Holiday season upon us, we here at FUN-Da want to give  a little gift for all of you downloaders, players, learners, and Digits fans.


    For everyone that leaves a review on either of our App store pages (iOs or Android) we’ll send an awesome Digits button pack.  These buttons were drawn by Eisner award winning artists Derek Kirk Kim (Tune),  Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), and Ron Chan (The Guild, Roy’s Boys).  They match up with the achievements in the app, so when you get a digital badge, you can also get the real life achievement to pin on your backpack, your hoodie, or your achievement displaying axe.


    iphone/ipad users, go to the iTunes App store

    Android, head on over to the the Google Play Store


    Email us a snapshot of your review along with your mailing address and soon you’ll be wearing the hottest new accessory for the smartiest of pants.




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  • Cyber Monday? Not really

    Monday, November 26th, 2012By adminNews0 comment

    I hope you survived the holiday weekend.   We made out like bandits on the turkey, stuffing and pie front.  We had a snarky tweet out earlier for all those parents who brought their kids along with them for Black Friday but the same joke doesn’t work on Cyber Monday.

    So instead of hawking the latest deals, I just wanted to share some of the awesome things people have said about the app so far, and a few links about why we do what we do.





    “…Like something Jim Henson would have come up with in his day.”  -GigaOm


    Which also got picked up by CNN Money.

    And a nice shoutout from Inside Mobile Apps.





    Yay! So where can I get it?
    We’ve got your mobile devices covered!
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-digits-fraction-blast/id566678406?ls=1&mt=8
    Android: http://bit.ly/SmwUYz

    Go get ‘em!  And get your burgeoning Nate/Natalie Silver on the right path.

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  • The Digits Now on in the App store

    Friday, November 16th, 2012By adminNews0 comment

    The Digits: Fraction Blast is now available for download through iTunes!

    We are proud to present the world’s first “appisode”, now available for download for your ipod touch, iPhone, iPad or iPad mini.   Explore the first installment of The Digits for mobile devices, an app that combines ever-changing outer space environments, mini-games and a great Digits story, with math education and rock and roll. The story changes as you play, with multiple outcomes, interactions, and character reactions that adapt as you learn.

    We haven’t left out Android users either. The Digits is already available for download through Google Play.

    The Digits are on a quest to find One Thousand Fans! It’s the only way into the Intergalactic Battle of the Bands where they can defeat Marvwell Doomfinger and his diabolical pop duo, the Galaxy Twins. You’ll play Pavi’s bass, blast asteroids in half, escape from Roadiebot, and hack into the Doomship. All while getting comfortable with fractions.

    Best of all, it connects to our Youtube channel for additional fun (and solid curriculum).

    Now scoot on over to the iTunes store and blast some fractions!

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  • The Digits at the IAWTV Awards!

    Thursday, November 15th, 2012By adminNews0 comment


    We are proud to announce that The Digits has been nominated for Best Educational Web Series by the International Academy of Web Television Awards! We are proud to be the only children’s educational series nominated alongside shows like Engineer Your Space and Lovely Lady Cakes.

    The IAWTV Awards are a big deal in the world of web tv – they’ve awarded famous online series like The Guild, Red vs. Blue, and Kids React.

    Check out the video for IAWTV Awards Nominees – fast forward to 1:58 to see the listing for Educational Web Series nominees!

    The 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards show will be held January 8th in Las Vegas at The Venetian Showroom during the 2013 International CES. And you know what this means…The Digits are going to Vegas! We’re going to see the sights and hobnob with celebrities (Pavi is still trying to convince Ray Ray to go on the roller coasters). But, of course, as someone famous once said, it is certainly an honor just to be nominated!

    Still not subscribed, but want to get in on the action before the awards? Check out our YouTube series that everyone has been talking about! Watch The Digits here!

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  • Free Beer! (Seriously)

    Friday, September 28th, 2012By adminNews0 comment

    We produce the Digits in Portland Oregon, well known as a beer city.  With more microbreweries per capita than any other city in America, it only makes sense that our neighbors are a brew pub.

    The excellent Occidental brewery is throwing a party for Oktober fest and are generously allowing us to use their stage to shoot a music video.

    The details are below.  It’s an all ages event, so bring the kids to check out the Uncommon Denominator, meet members of the cast and crew, and pick up a copy of Fraction Blast.

    I know, get to the point about the free beer.  If you come by around noon we’ll buy the first round for the first 30 or so grown-ups that participate.  The whole thing should take about an hour and be lots of fun.

    Where: 6635 N. Baltimore Ave., Portland, OR 97203.

    When:  Saturday Sept 29th.  Oktoberfest and filming starts at noon.


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  • The Digits first Appisode is available on Google Play

    Wednesday, September 26th, 2012By adminNews0 comment


    Android users get the first crack at the world’s first Appisode.  The Digits Fraction Blast is now available in the Google Play store.  Hit the link to download it.  Blast some Asteroids.  Escape from Doomfinger.  Hack the Doomship.  Get smarter.



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